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Sam Jackson looses the F-word on the funniest Saturday Night Live in months



martinshortsnl8_620_121212-1.jpgFigures it would take a showbiz pro like Martin Short to pull Saturday Night Live back to one of its most relevant and fun episodes of the season.

It's a crime that my teenage kids had no idea who Short was, being way too young to see him when he was a castmember on SNL or on the Canadian sketch comedy show SCTV. His film turns, in The Three Amigos, the Father of the Bride movies and Innerspace, among many others, were also lost on them.

But they loved his exhuberance Saturday in the show's star-filled opening, futzing with Tom Hanks, Paul Shaffer, Tina Fey and Sam Jackson.

Still, it was Jackson who provided the show's viral moment, slipping up and letting the f-word fly at the end of SNL's mind-bending BET parody What's Up with That? (the premise, where a famous celebrity is always interupted on a talk show where the cast can't stop jamming on the opening theme, always felt more like a parody of what people who don't watch BET think airs on the channel.)

Sam needn't worry. Since SNL airs so late, there's little chance of an FCC fine. But he's going to be the butt of some serious jokes for a while. Check out the skit below - unfortunately, some other cool moments -- including musical guest Paul McCartney fronting the remaining living members of Nirvana in a performance -- weren't included in video clips. 

Go to about 6:20 in the clip below and imagine hearing the word NBC snipped out for the online clip: 



[Last modified: Sunday, December 16, 2012 11:57am]


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