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See how Mariah Carey brought the crazy train to St. Petersburg's HSN Sunday



mariah-carey-hsn.jpgIn her many years on the pop music scene, diva supreme Mariah Carey has never spared the crazy.

But her appearance Sunday on St. Petersburg-based HSN -- her first TV spot since giving birth to twins in May -- just might have set new benchmarks for the unfettered, free-associative wonder that is Carey's natural state.

She flits from complaining about her pregnancy to commanding the cameramen to interrupting the always-cheery anchor trying so hard to sell the items she's tossing around (hey, some folks don't have a billion-dollar career to fall back on if sales tank).

The appearance itself happened in the early morning hours Monday, in line with HSN's peak selling time around midnight -- perhaps the hour for insomniac hoarders with lots of available credit.

Now we know why hubby Nick Cannon always seems so eager when he steps onstage at America's Got Talent. If this was waiting for you at home, would you be all that anxious to get back there? (just kidding!)

From Paula Abdul to Liza Minnelli, St. Petersburg's HSN has welcomed its share of eccentric songstresses. But I can't remember the last time anyone so successfuly brought the crazy train to town onscreen.

Courtesy of an enterprising editor at Jezebel, check out her two-hour stand edited down to four minutes of head scratching hilarity:


[Last modified: Tuesday, July 26, 2011 8:03am]


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