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See the new trailer for TNT's Dallas revival and wonder: Can it work? Again?



dallas-cast-fb.jpgTV loves old series reboots, even though they rarely work.

For every Hawaii Five-O and Beverly Hills 90210 -- two reboots which worked largely by building new series around the names of old characters -- there is a crowd of Charlie's Angels, Prime Suspects, Bionic Womans and Wonder Womans (the last one was so bad, NBC didn't even bother airing the pilot it filmed).

tnt-dallas-reboot-is-not-a-remake-2.jpgThe advantages are obvious. You've got an established brand name with a built-in fan base. The problem: often old fans aren't interested in a new take on their treasured show, and new fans may not be interested at all.

Still, TV keeps trying. Next year, TNT will debut a new take on Dallas, the nighttime soap opera which spawned a genre and brought the second iconic television role to onetime I Dream of Jeannie star Larry Hagman, who played villain J.R. Ewing.

The new series will try to use the old guys, Patrick Duffy as J.R.'s brother Bobby and Hagman, to interest us in new, younger characters set against the same oil-bred Texas society. Seems a reboot like this would have made more sense a few years ago, when we had a Texas oilman in the White House and the economy was still robust enough that McMansions were selling in Dallas like hotcakes.

Still, the new trailer TNT has released looks promising. Check it out below and weigh in: What do you think?

[Last modified: Thursday, December 1, 2011 12:53pm]


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