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Sherri Shephard Finally Joins The View, Kathy Griffin Finally Wins an Emmy and Timberlake Gets an Award for Putting His $%@# in a Box



Sherrishepherd Barbara Walters called it the "worst kept secret in TV" -- at least last week -- presenting comic Sherri Shepherd as the final co-host hired to round out the women permanently filling The View's roundtable.

It would seem Whoopi Goldberg was hired to serve as the replacement for Rosie O'Donnell (who was a replacement for original co-host Meredith Vieira), while Shepherd, a comic whose credits includes Friends and Everybody Loves Raymond, is replacing Star Jones, fired last year.

Walters announced they would be revealing the final co-host when Whoopi made her first appearance last week (today, in contrast to her statements about the Michael Vick case, the most controversial thing Goldberg did was star in a segment called "Whoopi Finds a Bra"). The Associated Press and a few other news outlets didn't waste much time in confirming that it was Shepherd, a frequent substitute host who was reportedly in talks to join the View right after O'Donnell left in May.

Curiously, I noticed no talk on today's show about why Shepherd was announced weeks after Whoopi; news accounts have said talks broke down over money. It actually worked out very well for the show -- Whoopi joined the cast when The View came back to new episodes last Tuesday, and as a raft of new syndicated series kick off in daytime today, Shepherd joined the crew for another high profile announcement.

They even managed to deal with controversy over the show's recent lack of ethnic diversity, by hiring two popular, personable black women to join the show. Looks like Baba Wawa might just have her mojo back...

Kathy Griffin and D%$# in a Box Win Emmy Awards

Kathygriffinpantless How will the queen of the d-list keep pretending she's not a star? And how proud is Justin Timberlake that his risque Saturday Night Live lark actually won a prestigious award?

Both Griffin's My Life on the D-List and Timberlake's musical parody D*&k in a Box won creative arts Emmys Saturday -- the awards they give mostly to folks who producers deem too boring for the Big Show airing at 8 p.m. Sunday on Fox, including art direction, sound mixing, picture editing and choreography.

Griffin will, no doubt, make hay of the fact that she wasn't on the main show (Her acceptance speech, according to TV Week magazine went like this:

"“Can you believe this s**t?” she said. “I guess hell froze over.” Justintimberlakedickinabox2807

Later, she said Jesus had nothing to do with her award win.

“So, all I can say is ‘Suck it, Jesus.’ This award is my god now,” she added."

Last year, she supposedly screamed obscenities when she lost; her explanation here).

Now, I can't wait until Sunday's show!

[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 2:40pm]


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