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Slimmer, Slicker and Redesigned: What Do You Think of the New St. Petersburg Times?



We're expecting lots of complaints.

Sptimesnewlook_2 Employees throughout the building have been coached on how to handle angry callers, with tipsheets indicating all the changes involved so we can all coach readers through the upcoming changes.

Starting today, we have a narrower newspaper, it's true. But we also took the opportunity to redesign it, in hopes of making a more reader-friendly, modern newspaper. But change is always hard, so we expect some upset responses.

I won't lie -- I want this to work, so I can keep working the coolest job in creation. So, to keep things positive, I've come up with the Top Five Reasons Why You Should Love the Times' Redesign:

5) Did I mention keeping my job?

4) Less paper for Bill O'Reilly to hate.

3) Fits snugly in the bottom of most birdcages.

2) Just enough features moved around to keep our older readers guessing.

1) An expanded Sunday employment section called Working, in case the whole keeping my job thing doesn't work out.

I'm probably taking my job in my hands making such stupid jokes about something so serious. But it's a landmark step for the St. Petersburg Times at a point when newspapers have to start innovating or get left behind.

I'm sure you'll let us know where we fall on that scale before too long.   

[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 2:37pm]


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