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St. Petersburg's Casey Turner in danger of getting kicked off Big Brother 11



Caseyturner Despite a passionate plea for mercy -- while wearing a banana suit, no less -- St. Petersburg resident Casey Turner is now in danger of elimination from CBS's relentless exercise in unscripted television tedium, Big Brother 11.

Turner, 41, was shown getting nominated for ejection from the game Tuesday, after spending most of the hourlong episode unaware of a danger that every other contestant guessed.

For those who don't know the show, a group of contestants live under constant camera observation for months, competing against each other in lamebrain challenges and voting someone out of the house each week.

As part of a small alliance working to get game-playing nerd Ronnie Talbott evicted from the house, Turner seems to have made himself vulnerable. First, he was forced to wear a stupid banana suit for a week, then this development.

Godderz1_5-thumb-200x300  When socially awkward neuroscientist Michelle Noonan won a competition and saved herself from possible elimination, the fifth-grade Sanderlin Elementary School teacher was nominated in her stead by Jessie Godderz, a returning contestant who first competed in Big Brother 10 (wonder if the ladies trying to romance him are aware of the rumors that he swings another way?).

Turns out, Jessie and Casey may have been at the same bikini contest a while ago -- Casey as the DJ/M.C. and Jessie as a competitor. Wonder if that had any impact on the action?

Full disclosure: I've always found Big Brother to be the Chinese water torture of reality shows -- an endless hang with often clueless, often self-centered, often maladjusted people who I would walk long city blocks to avoid in real life. Watching these young, empty-headed wanna-bes lounge on cheapo furniture, I'm reminded of my worst days in college, when we lounged on bad dorm furniture and plotted new ways to ostracize those we couldn't stand.

All this serves to explain why I haven't been watching much Big Brother, despite the fact that Turner and Godderz, who may be living in Tampa now, are both locals. As news began to leak from those who can somehow stand to watch the house's live camera feeds that Turner was in trouble, I mustered up to courage to sit through tonight's episode.

I'll also likely watch Thursday's live show, where Turner or fellow nominee (and Jessica Simpson lookalike) Jordan Lloyd will be sent packing.

No offense Casey, but I'm going to be rooting for you to leave; mostly so I can go back to ignoring this awful waste of programming space.


[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 3:00pm]


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