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Stephen Colbert on Florida Gov. Rick Scott: "He'd be doing better if he wasn't trying to kill Harry Potter"



colbert-rick-scott.jpgComedy Central satirist supreme Stephen Colbert took on Florida Gov. Rick Scott, zinging him for resembling the villain from the Harry Potter novels and pointing out that the governor had provided a handy template letter for fans to send to local newspapers touting his leadership -- apparently, because Scott couldn't be bothered to tell us himself.

It's this kind of stuff that has made me wonder if Scott has much of a media strategy. Anyone could anticipate newspapers would soon realize they were getting form letters from Scott fans, which would carry much less weight. And given his low poll numbers, the action makes him look desperate. And because it was directed at newspapers, you could guarantee the kind of smirking stories which led to Colbert's piece.

colbert-rockscott.jpgSo what's the upside?

This is also the tip of a debate I expect to rage into the 2012 elections and beyond. Public officials like Scott who often have a hard time answering tough questions from reporters -- and sometimes act as if they are above the practice -- view journalists' insistence as partisan "gotcha" games.

Journalists, who recall how such questions exposed the "Taj Mahal" courthouse and many other scandals, note that challenging the public poses of elected officials just might be the highest calling a journalist has. But the line between tough, fair questioning and persistent badgering for a gaffe is an admittedly thin one.

At any rate, the bit was pretty funny, so here it is:


[Last modified: Tuesday, June 28, 2011 3:36pm]


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