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Stone Phillips Leaves NBC; Lessons for Real Newsies In Jon Stewart's Fake News

For as long as anyone can remember, he's been the anchor's anchor.

Phillips_curry Okay, no one really remembers Stone Phillips for the stories he's covered in 15 years at NBC News. Or for the dozen years he spent at ABC before that.

Instead, people remember the name. And that distinctive baritone delivery. And the immovable hair. Don't forget the heroic chin.

But all that will be gone at the end of June, when Phillips hits the road in a surprise departure theStonephillips Associated Press called a cost-cutting move. Tough times for an anchor who came over from ABC to share Dateline anchoring duties with Jane Pauley, only to see the franchise's biggest stories -- the To Catch a Predator Series or the interview with Debra LaFave -- go to others.

So it seems Stephen Colbert will have to find a new competitor for his gravitas contests and Today show newsreader Ann Curry just got a new gig. And even though I'll shed few tears for one less Ted Baxter-style robo anchor on network TV, I have a feeling  my saturday nights will be a little more drab and gravtas-less.

Ain't TV news grand?

Jon Stewart Inspires Traditional News Folks

Jonstewart You'll have to read all the way to the bottom of this long, but excellent story in American Journalism Review to see my contribution. But ther I am, waxing philosophically on the need for journalists to loosen up and reinvent themselves in the wake of the Jon Stewart revolution.

Even though I'm at the end, my comments seem to sum up the whole focus of the story. Check it out here.

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