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Stuck in the '80s on TV Show Themes: Mr. T Impersonations and My Valerie Bertinelli Fixation

Greatestamericanhero This was something Stuck in the '80s guru Steve Spears had been threatening to do for a while.

And with his usual compatriot Sean Daly stuck in continual concert/assignment hell -- from roller coasters in Myrtle Beach to Kanye West and Radiohead -- Thursday was the perfect time to delve into a subject I had only touched on briefly five months ago: The Best '80s TV Theme Songs.

I'm always honored and a little hyper when Steve lets me play with the cool kids on his Stuck in the '80s podcast (I did, after all, wear parachute pants AND a Jheri Curl while playing in a band back then. And I can't believe I just admitted it here!). So I cut loose with a little Mr. T impersonation while talking Tvquizlede about the A Team, and even admitted my lifelong jones for Valerie Bertinelli and Sarah Jessica Parker.

As you may recall, I did a story way back in December about the lack of theme songs on TV that seemed to strike a nerve with readers. But since the glory days of TV themes songs were really in the '60s and '70s -- Gilligan's Island, the Brady Bunch, The Jeffersons, All in the Family, etc. -- I didn't talk much about '80s gems such as Square Pegs, The A Team and Hill Street Blues.

Tvthemesongslogorhino  I'm not going to dish on the actual order of the songs -- gotta listen to the podcast for that -- but we tackle the big question right off: Was the '80s the last great decade for TV theme songs?

Feel free to answer that question here, blogfriends.

Here's one of my faves courtesy of YouTube:


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