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Super Bowl Commercials Underwhelm -- Again



It's probably hard to believe, coming from a guy who wrote a huge Sunday story on the subject, but I'm often unimpressed with the hype surrounding Super Bowl commercials.

Easy to do badly, hard to do well, insanely over-exposed, they are usually bad at selling the product and worse at entertaining for the 30 seconds required. So which commercials actually caught my eye this year?

Career_builder Besides the K-Fed commercial, which everyone saw coming weeks ago, there was's series of three ads featuring hapless workers stuck in a godforsaken jungle -- the best of the three had the workers fighting to the death in a "promotion pit," using armor made of office supplies, to score a much-needed promotion.

Emerald Nuts exhumed Robert Goulet as an office gremlin who messes with your stuff after 3 p.m.  Emeraldnuts(Why Goulet? Was Wayne Newton too expensive?)

Among Bud Light's multitude of spots, my favorite showed two monkeys planning a Bud Light heist at the zoo -- until one gets distracted by a pretty girl.

I liked the way many advertisers alluded to the history Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith were making as the first black head coaches to compete in the Super Bowl; my favorite along those lines was Doritos' spot showing lots of different kind of black folks watching the big game (I'm sure the hyperventilating Bears fan had lots of company last night) gets my vote for worst ad of the evening -- excluding folks who didn't even try something special -- for pretending to have technical difficulties during its ads for no apparent reason (though their tagline said my career was more important to them than the commercial, if they can't get a $2.6-million advertising spot right, why should I trust them with my career?)

Oprahdave08 My fave spot: The surprise promo featuring Oprah Winfrey and the King of late Night, David Letterman: Indiana native Letterman, wearing a Colts jersey, and Chicago resident Winfrey, donning a Bears jersey, sit snuggled together on a couch watching the game. Letterman, while eating a mouthful of food, says to her, “You want the Bears and I want the Colts, but we both win because we’re in love.” Winfrey then turns to him and says, “Honey, don’t talk with your mouth full,” with Letterman responding, “Oh, sorry"

Here's some early returns:

-- Citing the "safe" humor of this year's ads, Kellogg School of Management ad review gave high marks to Sprint for its ad mimicking erectile dysfunction ads, citing "connectile dysfunction," along with Bud Light's spot featuring Carlos Mencia teaching immigrants english.

Mouse -- The Spotbowl online ad poll cites Blockbuster's "Mouse" ads on top, featuring a rabbit and a guinea pig trying to use al ive mouse to activate ttheir Blockbuster Online account (you can vote until 3 p.m. today).

What do you think? Your fave ad and worst? Deliver a comment here...

[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 2:37pm]


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