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Supermodel Petra Nemcova leaves Dancing with the Stars while Idol's Pia Toscano arrives



abc_petra_nemcova_chaplin_06_jp_ss_110329_ssv.jpgIf American Idol has been flummoxing fans with its unpredictable outcomes, rival blockbuster competition Dancing with the Stars may be taking the opposite tack; eliminating the also rans on it's contest with a disappointing predictability.

That meant the leggy yet awkward supermodel nobody really knows, Petra Nemcova, became the latest dancer ushered offstage Tuesday, sunk by an inability to dance well enough to win over voters who always seemed deeply ambivalent about her.

Most Dancing seasons get to this point sooner or later; the real contenders slug it out for top billing while the so-so dancers mostly fight to see who gets bounced last.

This week, that's meant Tampa-based wrestler Chris Jericho is fighting against former Hugh Hefner squeeze Kendra Wilkinson and ex-Karate Kid Ralph Macchio to stay in the game, while Disney star Chelsea Kane and NFL star Hines Ward battle for supremacy.

Cheers alum Kirstie Alley still dances in her own world, landing squarely in the middle of the standings no matter what calamity befalls her onstage. She's playing her part well; keeping the show's audience engaged until they get to know the better dancers and get caught up in the contest. By the time she's bounced in three weeks or so, the real competition will be set.

Expect reality TV worlds to collide next week, when controversial Idol castoff Pia Toscano is scheduled to sing in which must be the first time an ejected contestant from one show headed over almost immediately to perform on the other program.

Maybe that will throw things off enough that we'll get a more surprising result next week.

[Last modified: Tuesday, April 19, 2011 10:49pm]


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