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Surprise! Lost Season 6 debut raises at least as many questions as it answers



Jack-oceanictimeline Two things to understand when it comes to tackling the mysteries at the heart of ABC's Lost.

First, its hard to agree what exactly constitutes an unanswered question. And anytime one question gets answered, two more spring up to take its place.

That's why so many fans were left scratching their heads at the conclusion of Tuesday's two-hour finale season debut, "LA X Parts 1 and 2." Because whatever we thought we learned in one scene got turned sideways by the end of the next one.

Just like we Losties love.

Mostly, Tuesday's episode felt like a story told on three levels. In one sequence, we see our castaways on an Oceanic flight which didn't crash -- the altered reality hero Jack Shepard was trying to create by setting off a hydrogen bomb in the past at last season's end.

In a second timeline, our castaways who were in the past -- Kate, Sayid, Hurley, Sawyer, Juliet and Miles -- were blown back into the present, just in time for Juliet to die for good after setting off the bomb which started all this mess. Elsewhere on the island, we see the aftermath from Ben Linus' murder of the island's caretaker Jacob and the true face of the being which mimicked the form of John Locke.

Locke-alpert So, in the space of several minutes, we saw three of Lost's most important questions answered while sparking many others.we're keeping track of all the questions and answers here.

Did the hydrogen bomb explosion reset time? Yes, at least in one timeline we saw Tuesday. 

What is the smoke monster?  As some Losties had already surmised, the smoke monster which menaced so many on the island turned out to be whatever force was pretending to be castaway John Locke.

I'm assuming it's the mysterious Man in Black, revealed late last season as an enigmatic being who seems to be a natural rival to the island's caretaker Jacob. Claiming to have "found a loophole," in his inability to kill Jacob himself, Not-Locke/MIB goaded Ben Linus into killing Jacob last season.

Which leads to the third question answered: Is John Locke really dead? According to Not-Locke, certainly so. But will he stay dead -- in Lost-land, that's a question always lurking around the next corner.

On Tuesday, we saw Not-Locke trying to convince followers of Jacob that they were free following his death -- a freedom Not-Locke seems to be savoring -- just before taking form as the smoke monster to put down armed men trying to shoot him.

As the episode progressed, we saw the sorry state of each castaway's life in the timeline where the crash didn't happen. Locke remains paralyzed in a wheelchair; Jin and Sun are trapped in a loveless marriage; Kate is in chains headed for an American jail for a murder rap, Rose is presumably still suffering from the cancer which the island cured after the crash and Jack is struggling to get his dead father back to a funeral he doesn't want to attend.

But is this non-crash reality actually real? And if so, how can our castaways live simultaneously in this reality AND in a timeline where the crash has happened and Not-Locke has succeeded in killing Jacob?

See what I mean about answers sparking more questions?

Sayid-death More things happened: Jacob appears to Hurley and pushes him to take a gut-shot Sayid to yet another pocket of Others living on the island in a temple. Once they realize Jacob is dead, they scurry to protect themselves from Not-Locke, shooting off a flare to warn other Others on the island. The warning doesn't help the seemingly immortal Richard Alpert, a longtime aide to Jacob who is viciously attacked by Not-Locke.

But so many new questions emerged: If the men dispatched by the smoke monster were Jacob's bodyguards, why did they have to travel to the island to guard him? Why does Not-Locke need Jacob to be dead to leave the island and go home -- his goal as stated Tuesday night?

Who are these other Others at the temple, and why is the stewardess from the original Oceanic flight with them?

Finally, when Sayid seems to die in the temple only to rise again, is he really Sayid?

After watching an episode packed with great lines, I laughed out loud when Sayid uncorked the last line of the night: "What happened?"

My thoughts exactly; the last great question sparked by this season debut which was supposed to answer more questions than it created. 

Looks like we're in for an amazing ride.

Here's LA X Part 1 And LA X Part 2

[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 3:05pm]


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