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Talking with CNN about Netflix sharing customer viewership data over Facebook



netflix-platforms-225.jpgMy first CNN appearance of the New Year features a discussion with anchor Victor Blackwell about video rental/streaming company Netflix, and itsintention to allow users to link their accounts with Facebook, sharing video viewership data.

The new features are made possible by changes in a federal law passed back in 1988 preventing video stores from sharing rental records, inspired by the release of such a history for failed Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork. According to this story, Netflix spent over $1-million over the past two years on lobbying the federal government, pushing for changes which will enable their online efforts.

But neither Netflix nor Facebook has the strongest track record of valuing customer rights over corporate concerns; Facebook is downright notorious for changing privacy settings without adequately informing users.

And if users can share data with each other, be assured the companies will use the data for their own marketing and sales projects -- raising the question of just how many entities will have access to viewership data and in what form.

Check out the conversation below.

[Last modified: Thursday, January 3, 2013 10:39am]


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