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Talking journalism and diversity in the digital age with Poynter and Craiglist's Craig Newmark in NYC



Will Digital Media Space Ever Reflect Our Communities? from The Paley Center for Media on

promo-poynter-fi-gray.jpgNEW YORK CITY - What is the shape of journalism ethics in a digital age?

That's the question the Poynter Institute, Craigslist founder Craig Newmark and a host of other journalism luminaries are tackling today at the Paley Center in New York City.

The folks in the room read like a who's who of journalism educations, ethics and technology, including NYU professor Clay Shirky, media technology guru Jeff Jarvis, former CBS News president Andrew Heyward, Paley Center head and former TV Guide Max Robins and many more.

As I write this, I'm sitting in the audience, honored to be one of the folks who will get to contribute to the conversation. I've written a piece about diversity in media for this Poynter project, which will eventually become a book of some sort in 2013.

Right now, thanks to funding from Newmark and support from Poynter, we're preparing to discuss the ideas that a range of authors have brought to essays on the subject of ethics in the digital age.

"Folks, I really am a nerd," said Newmark, who talked up the value of fact-checking and the dangers of false balance in news reporting. "Part of being a nerd means you take things very literally...A couple of years, I blurted out, the press is the immune system of Democracy, and I really believe that."

Newmark has charged us all with helping restore trust in the news industry. "I think we really need a trustworthy press to become again the immune system of Democracy."

This conference has been described as the middle point of Poynter's process. We're going to discuss and dissect the ideas that we authors have kicked around on our own, gathering feedback from a Murderer's Row of journalism professionals, theorists and educators.

The talks are being livestreamed right now; my presentation comes sometime after 11 a.m. Please feel free to weigh in here, on Twitter or any way which feels comfortable.

Because the most important element in all of this, in the digital age, is feedback from users -- which means you. 

Check out the Paley Center page on this here

Shirky & Others: Finding Truth in Era of Digital Media from The Paley Center for Media on

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