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Talking Michael Jackson and the duality of his legend on National Public Radio



Tell_me_more_image_300 At the risk of overloading on Michael Jackson coverage, I'll post a link here to my appearance on National Public Radio's Tell Me More, where we waxed philosophical on the King of Pop during the roundtable Barbershop segment.

Initially, we were planning to talk this week about the craziness on Jon & Kate plus 8 (Jon Minus Kate Equals Hate, perhaps?), maybe slip in a little Ed McMahon and Mark Sanford material. But when TMZ declared Jackson dead at 5:20 p.m. Thursday, we knew all that had to change.

Check out my discussion with blogger/host Jimi Izrael, activist/writer Arsalan Iftikhar, columnist Ruben Navarrette and host Michel Martin.

I also appeared on WTVT-Ch. 13's Your Turn and offered some quotes to WMNF-FM for their news show later this evening.



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