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Tampa-based lingerie football player and Playboy model Mikayla Wingle leaves 'Survivor: South Pacific'



mikayla-wingle-survivor-south-pacific.jpgTampa-based lingerie football player Mikayla Wingle had one chance to stay in the game on CBS' Survivor: South Pacific -- win the Redemption Island challenge.

But the 22-year-old model was shown leaving the game Wednesday night, after failing to build an ornate puzzle of the Redemption Island arena logo faster than her opponent, 39-year-old New Yorker Christine Markoski.

In the Redemption Island challenges, Survivor contestants voted off their tribe head to the island, where they compete against another person, ejected from their team earlier, in a challenge.

The winner stays on the island, where they live alone, until the next challenger arrives.

mikayla_wingle_ep.2.jpgEventually, whoever remains on Redemption Island will be allowed to rejoin the game; Markoski's win Wednesday was her fifth victory.

Wingle was shown being voted onto Redemption Island last week, after losing an immunity challenge with her tribe, landing on the bad side of power player and Survivor veteran Benjamin "Coach" Wade.

She actually filmed her time on the series over this summer near Upolu, Samoa, taking time from her work as a model and player on the Tampa Breeze lingerie football team.

"It makes me realize how much stronger I want to be and how much better I want to be," said Wingle, before dropping her "buff" bandanna into a fire, signaling her departure from the game.

[Last modified: Friday, October 28, 2011 8:38am]


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