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Tampa resident and lingerie football player Mikayla Wingle voted off Survivor: South Pacific



mikayla-survivor-south-pacific45.jpgIn the end, Tampa resident and lingerie football player Mikayla Wingle made two big mistakes which got her voted off her tribe on Survivor: South Pacific in balloting shown Wednesday.

She made key mistakes to lose a competition for immunity, and she got on the wrong side of her tribe's power broker, Benjamin "Coach" Wade. Wade, now making his third appearance on a Survivor cycle, has controlled Wingle's Upolu tribe with an alliance involving four other players on the team, leaving Wingle out.

When the show's two tribes competed in a challenge where they had to assemble a makeshift slingshot and knock down targets with coconuts, Wingle kept missing the targets, pulling the sling with one hand. She refused to obey Wade's instructions during the challenge, so he targeted Wingle.

The tribe spent a fair amount of time debating the vote, with Wingle losing her tribal council vote by one person. 

Wingle had emerged early as a flashpoint on Upolu, as Brandon Hantz, nephew of the show's legendary villain Russell Hantz, insisting Wingle's looks were too distracting for him. Though he eventually came around, Hantz still voted with Wade and Rick Nelson to send Wingle off the tribe. The choice left some tribe members convinced that they were destined to lose future challenges, because Wingle, 22, was so much stronger than the woman nearly voted out, 35-year-old Edna Ma.

mikayla-wingle.jpg"Everytime Brandon has a blowup it's always pointed at a stronger woman," Wingle said in her final words Wednesday. "I would love to get some people back for what just happened."

Wingle heads to Redemption Island, where she will be shown next week competing with someone previously voted off a tribe in a challenge. The winner stays on Redemption Island, the loser is ejected from the game for good; eventually whoever is left on Redemption Island has a chance to rejoin the game.

Click here for a little background on Wingle, who played for Tampa's lingerie football team, the Tampa Breeze until Survivor took her out of the country this summer.


[Last modified: Wednesday, October 19, 2011 10:21pm]


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