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Tampa's Tina Greene becomes Amazing Race heavy



Tinaandkengreene For those watching the progress of Tampa businesswoman Tina Greene and her estranged husband Ken on CBS's hit reality TV competition The Amazing Race, there were two results worth noting from Sunday's episode.

First, Tina Greene has emerged as the heavy among the competitors so far, shown tartly crabbing at Ken in the first episode last week and irritating her fellow racers this week by making sure they knew she was responsible for getting them an airplane upgrade.

Secondly, the pair seems to be competing well so far, coming in second at last week's pit stop and arriving first at this week's pit stop, winning a pair of all-terrain vehicles and marking themselves as the couple to beat early on.

Several teams seemed to react badly at the start of this week's episode, when Tina Greene battled with an airline in Brazil into placing all the competitors on a single plane from Salvador to Fortaleza, ensuring they all could leave at the same time. But she told many teams what she'd done expecting some gratitude, instead earning mostly derision and skepticism.

Already, Entertainment Weekly has published some tough commentary on the pair, suggesting Tina's anger over husband Ken's affair -- both admit they have embarked in the race to see if they can get back together again -- may have spilled over into the competition.

Anthony_stephanie Anthony and Stephanie, a couple that came in second-to-last in the previous episode and seemed to have a knack for making mistakes that cost them time, came in last and were ejected.

So far, Tina and Ken seem to be among the game's strongest contenders and biggest irritants, ensuring a multitude of interesting moments ahead.


[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 2:52pm]


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