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As Tampa's Tina Greene seeks Amazing Race crown, here are my favorite Tina and Ken moments



Tinabeach The Television Without Pity Web site calls her “Scary Eyebrow Lady,” for her severely sculpted makeup. An Entertainment Weekly blog speculated she “devotes every waking hour to wishing (her husband’s) private parts would be run over by a truck.”

To say that Tampa’s Tina Greene has made an impression on bloggers covering the 13th installment of CBS’s travel competition The Amazing Race, just might be the understatement of the season.

Since the show’s first episode, Greene and her once-estranged husband Ken have drawn a truckload of snarky comments for their powerful personalities -– from the way they carp at each other during stressful moments to their insistence that participating in the race might heal a marriage strained by Ken’s infidelity.

Small wonder both Greenes say they refuse to read message boards or blogs on the show anymore.

Still, as the show’s finale unfolds at 8 p.m. Sunday, Ken and Tina Greene remain among three finalist teams vying for the contest’s $1-million grand prize. So it’s worth taking time to recall the Five Coolest Ken & Tina Moments so far –- even though none of them involve a truck. Yet.

Moment No. 5 (Ep. 7): Tina loses it when pelted by dye
Kenandtinascreenshot In one of the most colorful Amazing Race challenges, contestants ran through an odd festival in India where participants threw powdered dye on each other and anyone else. But when Tina tried to help Ken find an envelope with an important clue, she was pelted –- ironically -- with green dye, provoking an expletive that family-friendly CBS likely wasn’t expecting and didn’t bleep out.

Moment No. 4 (Ep. 2): Ken kisses rival racer Terence
Tempers flared before a flight in Brazil, as Tina stood at the head of the line, reminding everyone she had talked the airline into booking the teams on a plane big enough to hold all racers. To break the tension, Ken kissed running coach Terence Gerchberg after a testy exchange; Tina somehow avoided any jealousy.

Amazingrace13cast Moment No. 3 (Ep. 8): Ken and Tina dress like a cow   
Stumbling through Kazahkstan like extras in Borat, teams donned two-person cow costumes to tromp through the city looking for clues. Ken’s line before it all started: “Guess which half I am?” Given Tina’s take-charge ways, we didn’t really have to.

Moment No. 2 (Ep. 4): Ken and Tina climb the Sky Tower
Despite a crushing fear of heights, Tina joined Ken to climb the Auckland Sky Tower in New Zealand –- the Southern Hemisphere’s tallest structure. And it was only slightly bizarre that a statue of the Travelocity gnome was waiting for them at the top -– with its own safety harness.

Moment No. 1: (Ep. 3): Ken wrestles a woman while wearing red tights
In Bolivia, racers learned a choreographed wrestling match with a female grappler called a Cholita, clad in a special uniform. Good thing Ken doesn’t play pro football anymore; after appearing on national TV in red tights, a yellow “Z” on his chest and gold lame cape, there’s no locker room in the country he could survive.


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