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Three great TV-related Christmas gifts for your favorite couch potato



If you're still looking for Christmas gifts now, I'm assuming things are getting pretty desperate.

But fear not; there are some great TV-related gifts out there that don't cost much and will endear you to the small screen geek in your life. Just don't complain when they spend the rest of the holiday parked on the sofa soaking up Everybody Loves Raymond reruns.

Obsessed-with-tv_300 Suggestion #1: Obsessed with TV

Chronicle Books, $29.95 list – It’s shaped like a book, but David Hofstede’s comprehensive tome actually features 2,500 TV-based multiple-choice questions and a little electronic window in the lower right corner. Turn it on, and the handy unit picks a question, allows you to choose an answer and tells you if you’re right. There's also versions for sports and other trivia-friendly obsessions. Perfect for pretending you’re reading when you’re really goofing off.

Remote-buddy Suggestion #2: Remote Buddy remote holder

list: $59.98 – Yeah, you should probably get a neato computerized universal remote to organize that pile of controllers plopped on your living room table. But this four-slot remote holder is way cheaper, with color-coded sonic attachments so you can press a button to find any needed remote, no matter how deep it’s fallen in the sofa. And it has a drink holder. If it had a hammock included, I would never leave my living room.

Flo-tv Suggestion #3: FLO TV personal television

list: $249.99 – With a 3.5-inch screen and integrated speakers, this portable mobile TV player offers access to an array of live and previously aired shows from ABC, CBS, Comedy Central, ESPN, NBC, Nickelodeon, Fox and many more. The screen’s bigger than a cellphone and has live content available anywhere with a decent cellphone signal. Forget about those dorky portable TVs with the awful reception; this unit guarantees you will never miss a moment of Judge Judy or the playoffs while waiting for your dentist or standing in line to return all those other gifts you couldn't stand.

[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 3:04pm]


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