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Truth vs Truthiness: Taking on conservative hoo-hah in discussing ACORN story on CNN




Here's a clip from my appearance Sunday on CNN's Reliable Sources. A few things struck me while arguing with conservative commentator Amy Holmes and pushing back against host Howie Kurtz.

-- How weird was it to see an in-house CNN ad slamming Fox News for lying about CNN missing a story just before we tackled a debate about a story that started on Fox News?

-- I find it odd that a discussion about journalism standards would consider the notion that ethical journalists should jump faster on stories starting with the skewed and often-inaccurate presentations on Fox News pundit shows such as Glenn Beck's program.

-- I also found it odd that I was the only person pointing out the folks who filmed the footage of ACORN workers were not journalists, but conservative filmmakers and unknowns -- leaving no idea whether they edited the footage or whether any journalism standards were followed. The filmmakers seem to only be talking to Fox News; why shouldn't mainstream news organizations be wary about picking up that story?



[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 3:01pm]


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