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Vanity Fair can't find one up and coming actress of color in Hollywood?



Zoe Zoe Saldana may have co-starred in two of the biggest films of the year -- Star Trek and Avatar -- while Gabourey Sidibe has been everywhere from Oprah to the Golden Globes on the strength of her performance in Precious.

But Vanity Fair couldn't find a single actress of color to place on its cover depicting the hottest young faces in Hollywood.

Given that Mo'Nique is considered a strong favorite for a Oscar win in Precious, this seems kinda wack. (H/T to Richard Prince's Journalisms).

Vanity-fair-august-2008-cover.0.0.0x0.500x680.jpeg-220x300 And while some note that Saldana appeared on the mag's March 2008 cover, Mediaite notes that two actresses on the new cover also appeared on a young Hollywood cover later in 2008: Amanda Seyfreid and Kristen Stewart.

This also seems much more about the magazine's demographics than Hollywood's. Covers are mostly enticements to buy the content within for people editors imagine as their target audience.

VF seems to think none of its readers will plunk down the cash for its Kenneth Cole and Tag Heuer ads if any of the women on its cover are darker than calamine lotion.

Who would you have put on the cover?

I don't know film as well as TV, but my list includes Saldana, Kerry Washington, America Ferrera, Michelle Rodriguez and Jennifer Hudson, to name a few.

Here's what VF came up with:



[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 3:05pm]


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