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Watch the CW's Emily Owens M.D. to see a talented performer stuck in one of fall's worst new shows



425843_376624895741826_1817360992_n.jpgWhen I heard my friend and respected colleague David Bianculli at NPR's Fresh Air named the CW's Emily Owens M.D. the best new show of the fall season, I had just two questions:

mamie-gummer-is-emily-owens.jpgWhat was he smoking and where can I get some?

I can only assume David was reacting to the show's star, Meryl Streep's daughter Mamie Gummer, who steps into her second starring role on TV with confidence and a seemingly offhand ease. Here, she's playing a geeky aspiring surgeon with an unrequited crush on her best friend from medical school and mean girl enemies among her fellow first-year interns.

It's a feat of acting by itself that the same actress who played the young pretty associate who challenged Julianna Margulies on CBS' The Good Wife is now supposed to be a shlumpy-yet-talent young doctor unaware that she's pretty enough to turn heads in any universe.

In other words, she's stuck in the CW's version of Grey's Anatomy.

TiVo or Ti-NO? This is a movie we've seen before; in fact, we've already seen it on Office alum Mindy Kaling's awfully similar sitcom situation on Fox (in all FIVE different new shows center on dysfunctional doctors).

 As Gummer's Owens bumbles through misplacing patients and fending off rivals, two things remain certain: Meryl's kid will one day star in a great comedy showcasing her understated charm.

And this show ain't it. Ti-to-the-NO.


[Last modified: Tuesday, October 16, 2012 5:01pm]


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