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Watch Jimmy Fallon and David Letterman audience-less due to Hurricane Sandy; Brillliantly brave or awkwardly weird?



david_letterman_empty_studio_a_l.jpgWhen you're a fan of David Letterman, you learn to savor the awkward pauses.

Still, Monday night's show was unique for its awkwardness, taped without a studio audience, Letterman explained, because the show would have ended just as Hurricane Sandy was expected to really impact Manhattan. Also, with no taxis in sight and subway service offline, most in the audience would have had no way to leave the area other than walking.

jimmy-fallon-2-320.jpgOpinions about the quality of the result depends on your taste for awkward silence.

NBC's Jimmy Fallon offered a similar show, lacking an audience and several members of the Roots house band, including M.C. Black Thought.

Much as some people lauded the effort, I give Letterman and Fallon props more for their resolve and guts than the result. you don't realize how much excitement an audience can add until they're absent, and the show's really didn't have enough time to work up comedy bits to compensate.

But I was also perversely proud that these guys even tried to pull this off. Not even a hurricane can keep Dave or jimmy from their appointed TV rounds.

Take that, Sandy. Check out both shows below and see what you think.




[Last modified: Tuesday, October 30, 2012 12:52pm]


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