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Watch me spar with former Florida House Speaker Johnnie Byrd on WEDU's Florida This Week



floridathisweek-logo.jpgI love appearing on Rob Lorei's political debate show Florida this Week, mostly because I can respectfully disagree with seriously conservative panelists in a way that leaves us both respecful and even friendly with each other.

On Friday, I taped a segment with former Florida House Speaker Johnnie Byrd where we tlaked quite a bit about Gov. Rick Scott's ideology and how it may be tripping up his governance. Byrd likely has a lot more in commmon with Scott's positions than I do -- he has written that government is so devoted to taking care of citizens economically it is "taking from a productive citizen and giving to an unproductive one."

But, we were able to disagree agreeably -- particularly on the subject of drug testing for welfare recipients. (Byrd suggested the low incidents of positives -- at about 2 percent -- may be because users aren't applying for benefits; I say the levels of illegal drug use probably weren't that high to begin with. Getting welfare takes too much work for many serious addicts.)

Demcoratic strategist Mitch Kates and USF professor Dr. Susan McManus also joined us on the panel; check it out below:

Watch the full episode. See more Florida This Week.

[Last modified: Tuesday, August 30, 2011 6:14pm]


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