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Weekend funny: HBO's Funny or Die Presents brings Internet treasure to the TV screen



Funnyordie-hbo-logo What do you call a new TV series born on the Internet and featuring stars such as Will Ferrell, Zach Gallfanakis, Ed Helms, Don Cheadle and Fred willard.

How about the best-kept new secret on television?

Dunno why, but the guys behind the sidesplitting Web site Funny or Die don't seem to have whipped up much press attention for their new series debuting tonight. And while I got review copies of Ricky Gervais' new animated show and the second season of The Life and Times of Tim, both also debuting tonight, i didn't get Funny or Die's review DVD.

I talked with the guys at the humor site about a year ago about this series, and the difficulty of turning a series of funny videos stars do as one-off larks into a regularly airing, moneymaking entity on television. Because, when the money stats flowing, that's usually when the lawyers show up.

Still Funny or Die has a great track record of getting notables such as Paris Hilton and Tiffany Amber Theissen to show new sides of themselves while also lampooning celebrity culture, hollywood culture, political culture and any other culture which needs a swift kick in the naughty bits.

So, for my weekend funny, here's a preview of Funny or Die's new HBO show:

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