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Weekend funny: Stephen Colbert investigates "Monkey on the lam" in St. Petersburg



Monkeyonlam2 Stephen Colbert finally took on the runaway monkey crisis which has gripped the Tampa Bay area for over a year now.

Local media got lucky, spared any jokes about deploying helicopters and teams of reporters to track authorities' pursuit of this wily simian.

And Colbert even gave a shout out to CBS station WTSP-Ch. 10, noting their report that the monkey already has two Facebook pages.

Instead, the leader of Colbert Nation on Thursday criticized foolhardy animal trappers who admitted to shooting the monkey with tranquilizers multiple times.

Monkeylamps7 "You took a monkey on the lam and put a monkey on his back," thundered Colbert.

No wonder we can't get him or Conan O'Brien to come to our state. Who wants to visit a place filled with junkie monkeys turning tricks on every corner?

(Don't fall for this guys," warned Colbert. "I've been burned before.")

See the full, sad story below.

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Monkey on the Lam - Florida
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[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 3:06pm]


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