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Weekend funny: Thursday's 30 Rock live episode (both East and West coast versions!)



30-rock.jpgIf you're like me and happened to be away from the TV on Thursday night, you're in luck; NBC has made 30 Rock's live episodes available online.

So give your Friday productivity a hit and check out these embedded versions of both the West Coast and East Coast renditions. There are some differences; the cameo appearances by celebrities in the first scene are different (one's a Beatle, one should be crushed like one).

The East Coast version has more mistakes -- look for a misplaced floor director's hand at the first scene after the theme song and Tina Fey flubs a line where she's arguing with Kenny.

The West Coast version has less energy -- did the same audience attend both broadcasts? -- and a cute bit where they tucked in info from the NFL draft in the theme song.

Sad as it is to see the show likely going away after next season, the lack of buzz for this stunt is indicative of how much viewers have taken the show for granted in recent years.

Still, take 40 minutes or so and check out both versions -- they're almost better comedy than the network morning newscasts, and that's saying a lot.



[Last modified: Friday, April 27, 2012 12:50pm]


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