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What Media Is Chris Wallace Reading?



Chriswallace Fair and balanced Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace pulled out an old conservative canard Wednesday, dutifully re-reported by his employer's corporate sibling, the New York Post: the mainstream media is ignoring good news in Iraq.

Here's the Post item: "ONE story you won't find in the mainstream media: Thirty-nine American soldiers were killed in Iraq in October, the fewest deaths there in any month since 2004. In October 2006, 106 U.S. troops were killed. "That story is untold," Fox News Channel correspondent Chris Wallace said on Steve Malzberg's WOR Radio show Wednesday. "You don't see it in the New York Times, and you don't see it the Washington Post . . . The mainstream media don't like good news from Iraq. The surge is working."

I thought that was odd, because I remembered hearing a story on ABC's World News about that very same fact. So I did a quick Google search to check Wallace's bold analysis.Wallaceclinton

This Washington Post story notes the decline in deaths in Iraq, quoting Defense Secretary Robert Gates saying Iran may be slowing the amount of deadly IED bombs imported from their country, though he's not sure he believes them.

The same details were noted by the New York Times here, the Associated Press here, here and here and Seattle Times here. Here's an AP story about Iraqi families returning to Baghdad as sectarian violence decreases. It's true that many of these stories were published after Wallace made his remarks, but the Wallaceclintonhillary month of October didn't even end until Wednesday -- kinda hard to do a news analysis on military deaths in Iraq before the month is over.

Perhaps Wallace wants news outlets to credit the surge directly for limiting deaths. But even Gates himself wasn't willing to go that far yet.

So does he know something the defens secretary doesn't? Or has he drunk a bit more of the Fox Kool Aid than he's admitting?


[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 2:41pm]


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