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What Should Eric Cover in Los Angeles?

As I type this, I have just finished watching just about all the advance screener DVDs of new fall series provided to TV critics in advance of this month's TV Critics Association's Summer Press Tour. And I have just one reaction for those of you out there who care about network TV as much as I do.

Television fans, we are in serious trouble.

In a marked reversal from last year, when I didn't have enough superlatives to describe all the cool new pilots the network suits had somehow come up with, this year there isn't a single show -- NOT ONE, people -- that I'm excited about.

Cavemen NBC's Bionic Woman? Tired, girl power-drenched Matrix ripoff. ABC's Cavemen? So much funnier in a 30-second GEICO commercial. The CW's Gossip Girl? The kind of self-reverential nighttime soap opera Paris Hilton would write -- if she could, indeed, write.

Our one hope for the future: If last season proved anything, it's that crackling pilot episodes often don't make great series (my final shout out to Studio 60!), and shows which may start slowly can build to wondrous conclusions (and my continuing Heroes shout out!)

Tcalogo1 Which brings me to this blog post's current headline. On Sunday, I will touch down in Los Angeles for two weeks to attend the TCA Summer Press Tour. During that time, I will attend press conferences for and parties with just about all the folks appearing in all the networks' fall shows, plus several of their current offerings. I'm also scheduled to serve as a presenter during the group's annual TCA Awards, giving out the honor for best individual drama performance. And with all this cool stuff at hand, I've got one question left.

What do YOU want to know?

I'll have all the major networks executives and many major stars at my beck and call. Over those two weeks. I'll fill this blog with lots of cool stuff -- audio clips of interviews, newsy live-blog bulletins straight from the press conferences and fun podcasts, among other things. But I'd love to know what you'd like me to cover, as well.

So post your suggestions here. The Press Tour actually starts today, but it is a champion-sized Gilmore endurance test to try covering the entire event, which includes a two-day presentation by PBS and a four-day showcase by a host of different cable outlets (the only two times I stayed for the entire event, I got horribly sick from the long workdays and sleep deprivation).

I'm just going for the meat of press tour; the broadcast networks, who get two days each. Help me make the most of it -- for myself and for you -- by delivering a great suggestion here. 

[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 2:39pm]


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