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What were the best TV shows of last season? Help me pick the 2012 TV Critics Association Awards

tcalogo1.gifWas Gregory House more compelling than the ladies on Wisteria Lane? Did you find the complex drama of Mad Men more fulfilling than the sophisticated soap of The Good Wife?

And is anything on TV funnier than Modern Family? (check this photo, and you'll see how biased I am)

Now is your chance to help me figure answers to those questions and more, as I vote in the early stages of the TV Critics Association's 2012 awards contest.

The awards themselves, handed out during our summer press tour, are always a hoot. The winners usually show, which meant I once got to hand a Best Drama Actor award to Dexter star Michael C. Hall, traded stories about Florida World War II vets with Tom Hanks and watched as Martin Sheen hung out telling stories so long, even the hardiest critics were ready to call it a night before he did.

But first, we have to draft a slate of nominees in 12 categories; later, we'll vote among the finals for winners -- I'll post the list of finalists here as well. I only have until Friday to register my vote, so I'm going to need you guys to work fast.

desperate-housewives-house.pngGive me your best suggestions in each category, and I'll factor them in as I vote. I get to pick two potential nominees for each award.

Fair warning: Boardwalk Empire, Homeland, Mad Men, House's Hugh Laurie and Modern Family's Sofia Vergara are already high on my lists.

Here's the categories. Let it rip in the comments section; I'll make my decisions over the next few days.

1. Individual Achievement in Drama
2. Individual Achievement in Comedy
3. Outstanding Achievement in News and Information
4. Outstanding Achievement in Reality Programming
5. Outstanding Achievement in Youth Programming
6. Outstanding New Program
7. Outstanding Achievement in Movies, Miniseries and Specials
8. Outstanding Achievement in Drama
9. Outstanding Achievement in Comedy
10. Career Achievement Award
11. Heritage Award (goes to one long-standing program that has culturally or socially impacted society)
12. Program of the Year


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