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When Anchors Get Punk'd, Who's to Blame?



Couriccries Jossip has an interesting item, trying to figure out who gave prankster extraordinaire Harry Shearer a clip of CBS anchor Katie Couric fussing over her hair before a live shot, asking whether anyone in their audience might care that Rudy Giuliani pal Bernard Kerik was indicted for federal crimes.

The blog's item quotes an unnamed source saying it had to be an inside job, a notion which I find tough to swallow, given the unauthorized access so many people have to satellite signals. Indeed, Shearer himself has a long history of posting such items on his own Web site and airing them within his NPR program Le Show, so anchors should already be on notice.

Shearer had already posted a similar clip of Dan Rather obsessing for 20 minutes over whether to wear a trenchcoat during a shot or not. Judge for yourself whether journalism is being practiced here.   

Here's the Dan Rather clip as well:

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