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Where some of your favorite media outlets are showing off during the RNC



cnn-grill-rnc.jpgBeyond offering the GOP a showcase for its long-settled nominees for president and vice president, the Republican National Convention will also emerge as the biggest media/political schmoozefest of the year -- the one time, along with the Democratic gathering next month, where everyone who is anyone in media and politics shows up to see and be seen.

Which means some media outlets at the RNC in Tampa will take over prominent spaces to make an impression and plant a flag of sorts.

Here's a quick listing for some the most prominent places taken over by media during next week's gathering; if you know of any spaces worth inclusion on this list, please feel free to suggestion in the comments below.

CNN -- The cable newschannel will occupy the first floor of the South Regional Garage in Tampa, installing its CNN Grill, complete with food, alcohol and lots of on camera opportunities for big names in politics right across from the Tampa Bay Times Forum.

Fox News -- Its space is on the other side of the Tampa Bay Times Forum, inside the 60,000-square-foot Tampa Bay History Center, outfitted for broadcasts on the cable channel and to allow some affiliates, such as WTVT-Ch. 13, to participate.

MSNBC -- Channelside is the base of operations for MSNBC, which will air its morning shows, Way Too Early with Willie Geist and Morning Joe, from the Howl at the Moon piano bar inside the entertainment complex; Chris Matthews' Hardball is scheduled to broadcast from the courtyard, but Tropical Storm Isaac may have something to say about that.

bloomberg-space.jpgBloomberg - The financial news company will take over the space above Jackson's Bistro at 601 S. Harbor Blvd., transforming it into Bloomberg Link, a tracked-out headquarters for its online, TV, print and terminal news operation including a virtual fish tank and open floor plans. Bloomberg hired journalists as many news organization were downsizing and now plans to show off its growth, sending 90 staffers for coverage which will include CBS host Charlie Rose taping his PBS and Bloomberg TV shows there.

Huffington Post - The liberal-focused website will offer yoga classes, massages, mini facials, sleep consultations and healthy food to delegates and credentialed media at its Oasis lounge area inside Aja Channelside, the nightclub inside Towers at Channelside, every morning of the RNC. Can they get a hard-charging Paul Ryan to break from P90X workout routine to bust into a a half moon pose?

Comedy Central's The Daily Show -- Okay, this may be the best fake news outlet on TV, but they're taking over the Straz Center for four days of shows, starting Tuesday. fans have already snapped up tickets, but the show's rollicking crew of correspondents -- dubbed the Best F$%&ing News Team on TV, will be expected to roam the RNC targeting absurdity and hypocrisy.

cpan-bus.jpgC-SPAN - The public affairs channel has a special campaign bus tricked out with HD TVs, touch screen computers, laptops, and mobile devices to get the public excited about its unfiltered programming of government-related events. kinda like trying to get 8-year-olds excited about broccoli. But the bus will be parked  over at West Shore Plaza's east parking lot for those who don't want to get near the RNC zone, open on these dates:  FRIDAY, 8/24: 11:30am-2pm,  SATURDAY, 8/25: 11:30am-1:30pm,  MONDAY, 8/27:  3-6pm,  THURSDAY, 8/30: 1130am-2pm.





[Last modified: Thursday, August 23, 2012 4:53pm]


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