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Which TV star does Palin most resemble?



John McCain found a masterful way to dominate TV coverage the day after Barack Obama gave one of the most majestic political convention speeches in history:

He nominated a real-life Geena Davis for vice president.

Telegenic Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin not only looks a lot like Davis' Mackenzie Allen from ABC's short-lived series about a woman who becomes America's first female vice president and president, she is poised to follow in her footsteps if elected, backing the oldest man ever to seek the presidency.

TV chattering class seems unwilling to admit what a masterful move this is, politically: Palin is a staunch conservative in ways McCain is not; she's youthful, which McCain is not; she adds the tinge of history-making change to his candidacy. Because the press must explain her, she will help balance McCain's media coverage with Obama. But because there's only a few weeks to the election, she won't get scrubbed raw the way Obama was.

But I'm just struck by how many TV characters she reminds us of.

So is Palin more Geena Davis?


Or Tina Fey?


Or Seinfeld's Elaine?


[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 2:50pm]


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