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While fans criticize YouTube homepage changes, some contributors disagree



trippy-headshot.jpgMy weak spot for stories about the controversy over big changes to big websites is simple: I hate the whining.

Cyberspace is the only place in modern culture where there should be nothing BUT change -- it's too easy and too necessary to keep innovation alive.

So when I first read this piece in The New York Times bemoaning the corporatization and sellout nature of the changes to YouTube's home page, I was more than a little skeptical.

I felt the author romanticized the chaos of YouTube's homepage, which I rarely used because so much crap kept coming up when I went there. And I'm not sure what's so bad about a for-profit website making changes aimed at increasing its profits -- as long as the customers are happy.

Turns out, some of the people who contribute regularly to YouTube felt the same when I asked them, including Charles Trippy, one-half of the couple behind the popular Internet Killed Televison site.

So I made Charles the lead to my front page story Wednesday on the fallout from the changes. Here's the first few paragraphs:

"When fans grouse about new changes to YouTube's home page — moves that reorder the video clip website's content in ways that may benefit corporations and big media partners — Charles Trippy is the guy you'd expect to complain loudest.

trippy-internetkilledtelevision-logo.jpgAfter all, Trippy is the definition of the self-made YouTube star. He's a Tampa guy who earned fame uploading footage of himself getting shot in the chest with paintballs and clawing out of a machine filled with stuffed animals.

Two years ago he began airing a clip each day from his life with then-girlfriend Alli Speed, packaged as a homemade reality show for a YouTube channel dubbed Internet Killed Television. Video from their wedding was posted in November to that space, which now has more than 572,000 subscribers and 292 million upload views.

So you would expect Trippy to be angry or at least a bit unsettled by the Dec. 1 redesign, which may make finding quirky, independent videos tougher because links to content from established channels are placed center stage.

Except, he's not."

Check out the rest of it by clicking here:

New YouTube and Old YouTube pics below:



[Last modified: Monday, December 19, 2011 1:04pm]


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