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While insisting he's fine, troubled star Charlie Sheen gives interview suggesting he's not (with video!)



charlie-sheen-party.jpgLet's first just admit this is a little like slowing down for a long look at a 10-car pileup.

But former ESPN star Dan Patrick knew he had gossip news gold in getting troubled Two and Half Men star Charlie Sheen to speak on his show in an odd attempt to argue that he is ready for a return to work after just over two weeks away from production for rehab treatment.

The star seemed unfocused and out of sorts during the interview, in which he blamed the show's producers for not restarting production when he was ready to resume working. But the network had set a date for their production break to allow Sheen time -- and frankly, one month off didn't sound like enough of a break then.

Now, in an interview with Patrick, Sheen unwittingly seems to make the best argument against his return to work, revealing that the highest-paid actor on network television may be slowly unraveling before the world's eye -- putting on a front solid enough that co-star Jon Cryer was joking about the problem just days before his colleague agree to undergo treatment.

Here's the most salient bits, sent over by Patrick's people by press release:

charlie_sheen.jpgCharlie Sheen on what is happening with Two and a Half Men:
“We are on forced hiatus. They said, ‘You get ready and we’ll get ready.’ And I got ready and went back and nobody’s there.  I don’t know what to tell you, Dan. Nobody is there…I don’t know what to tell you, man. I’m here and I’m ready. They’re not. Bring it, you know?”

Charlie Sheen on when Two and a Half Men is scheduled to start shooting again:
“I believe August of 2014 at this pace. I don’t know, it’s supposed to be the 28th or the 29th. That’s what it is! It’s the 29th of the non-leap year.”

Charlie Sheen on when he wants to go back to work:
“Yeah. I’m a man of my word, I have a contract. They said get your act together and I did. I think just maybe it was a timing thing. I didn’t think it was going to happen this fast. Check it, it’s like I heal really quickly. But I unravel pretty quickly. So get me right now, guys.”

Charlie Sheen explains how he came up with his speech for the UCLA baseball team:
“I realized what props I was holding. I had a bottle of chocolate milk and I had rumors that I’ve had problems with, I don’t know, crack, and it just came out of me like poetry, Dan. Like poetry…Thank God, [the coach] told me to tell them congrats in the World Series last year. I wasn’t watching a lot of that, you know, at the time. So I walked over and said, ‘Hey guys, congrats on the World Series last year.’ So, he gave me my first line. Which is good, a good place to start, right? Well, people kind of know I’ve had some problems lately and I’m sort of notorious for sort of surfacing and going deep undercover, deep under-ground. So, I said stay away from the crack, which I think is a pretty good advice unless, you can manage it socially, Dan. If you can manage it socially, then go for it, but not a lot of people can.”

Charlie Sheen on whether or not he thought he could manage crack socially or not:
“Well, yeah, but that kinda blew up in my face…like an exploding crack pipe, Dan. Sorry”

Charlie Sheen on whether or not he is sober and clean now:
“Oh, yeah. One hundred percent, one hundred percent. Peeing clean. I just said pee on your show, sorry man. I feel great, man. I feel great. I am here and ready…I’m actually hungry.”

Charlie Sheen why being creatively hungry is something of a new phenomenon for him:
“A little bit, yeah. Because you do something like this [Two and a Half Men] and you get into kind of a, I don’t want to say a redundant pattern, but it gets very sort of, uh,  redundant. And you gotta find things about it to reignite the passion. The passion can always be there if the pilot light is still burning.”

Charlie Sheen on why he was at UCLA in the first place:
“We’ve been hitting there for years. I made a nice donation to the team years ago and they said, anytime and I took them up on it. I’m a self-taught left handed hitter, but not until I was an adult.”

Charlie Sheen on the donation he made to the UCLA Bruins:
“Ten grand. For new uniforms or bats or something. It seems like everyone is always focusing on football and baseball, it’s always like, you guys can use all that old gear.”

Charlie Sheen on who is more valuable – him to CBS or Albert Pujols to the Cardinals?    
“Well, duh. No I’m joking. We’re both on the talent side and when you’ve got something, you got a commodity, when you become a commodity, it’s on a different level. I’m a humble guy and I’d like to believe that Albert is.”

Charlie Sheen on if he had a do-over, would he be a great baseball player or great actor?       
“Oh gosh, wow. Great baseball player but here’s the problem, I’m 45 now and all the girls say I look 35 but I’d have been retired by now.”


[Last modified: Monday, February 14, 2011 3:53pm]


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