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Who will saved boater Nick Schuyler pick as his first TV interviewer? A few recommendations here



As news outlets fight over who will interview boating accident survivor Nick Schuyler first, it sparks a question: Who would you pick, if the world’s media were beating at your door?

Considering Florida’s habit of sparking national media stories, you may face that choice sooner than you think. Here’s my list of TV’s leading interviewers, with pluses and minuses included to help in your choice:

Mattlauer Matt Lauer, NBC’s Today show:
Top anchor on TV’s highest-rated morning show; good at asking sharp questions that aren’t too sharp; interviews easily recycled on Dateline NBC, MSNBC and CNBC.

Minuses: Doesn’t have news cachet of some anchors; still outgrowing image as lightweight feature guy.

Barbara Walters, ABC’s The View: 
Access to top-rated network specials, daytime show and 20/20; her interviews are a mark of fame.

Minuses: Considered a little old school; several of her platforms are not highest-rated.

Larryking Larry King, CNN’s Larry King Live:
Legendary softball interviewer; great for interviews where you need to get your side out but don’t want tough questions.

Minuses: Doesn’t have the audience of the networks; everybody knows why you’re taking his softballs.

Katie Couric, CBS Evening News:
Cachet of network anchor; interviews can land on highly rated 60 KatielegsMinutes, without facing the show’s tougher correspondents.

Minuses: Couric is proving hard news credentials by giving tough interviews; ask Sarah Palin how it feels when TV’s queen of perkiness turns on you.

Oprah Winfrey, Oprah show:

Pluses: She's the queen of all media, so appearing on her show has serious prestige; has multiple platforms in print (O magazine), on radio (Sirius/XM's Oprah and Friends) and TV (upcoming OWN cable channel) to present interviews; has devoted audience who will follow her lead, so if you win her over, you're set.

Minuses: Doesn't have much news credibility; can destroy you with a cross word or harsh assessment.

Stewartshake Jon Stewart, The Daily Show:
You’ll have a few good laughs, even if he disagrees with you; you look cool to younger demographic.

Minuses: He actually knows political issues; if you’re unprepared, he’ll take you apart with a smile, creating a clip endlessly recycled on YouTube.


[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 2:56pm]


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