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Why didn't WTSP-Ch. 10 ask Christine Lacy, wife of cop-killer Hydra Lacy, tougher questions?



christine-lacy2.jpgWhen Hydra Lacy Jr. was killed after murdering two St. Petersburg policemen and wounding another law enforcement officer, attention also turned to his wife, Christine Lacy, who told police her husband was hiding in her attic when they came to serve a warrant.

Less than a week after the shootings, several St. Petersburg Times reporters pulled together a story which detailed the complex romance between the Lacys. As the story itself noted: "If it was love, it was complicated and chaotic and dysfunctional. They fought like wolves, all rage and jealousy. They fought with swords, fought with liquor bottles. He broke her bones. Ordered to stay apart, they ended up back together. She knew how to test him, how to please him, how to make that giant man feel small. And when the police came looking for him, she knew where he was."

hydra-lacy-jr_370x278.jpgOne of the most interesting revelations: the signature on the quit-claim deed which took Hydra Lacy's name off the house they once owned together -- the home that was demolished by the city -- wasn't in his handwriting. According to the newspaper story, a friend said Christine Lacy signed her husband's name, saying she had his power of attorney. But there was no notification on the form. This friend, Jessica Watts, had pleaded guilty to grand theft in 2001 after she and Christine stole from Bed Bath & Beyond, according to the story.

But when WTSP-Ch. 10 aired an interview with Christine Lacy on Tuesday, there were no questions about allegations she was sometimes the aggressor in their fights. No questions about the odd signature on the quit claim deed. And no questions about whether the city's delay in compensating Christine Lacy for the loss of the house had anything to do with questions about the deed.

WTSP news director Pete Roghaar hasn't yet answered questions about why their story was missing such queries, saying he needed to speak with the reporter, Tammie Fields

But the resultant story allowed Christine Lacy to avoid some uncomfortable questions, while pressing the city to make good on Mayor Bill Foster's promise that it would take care of her after demolishing her home.

See the story below:

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