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Why Dr. Laura's saying the n-word to a black caller wasn't necessarily her worst mistake



dr-laura.jpgIt sounds like an awful anecdote from a bygone age: Overheated radio bully slings the n-word at a black caller after accusing said caller of being too sensitive about racial jokes.

But a listen to Dr. Laura Schlessinger's awful recent diatribe on this issue shows that slinging the n-word more than six times in one segment may have been the least of her transgressions.

Her first mistake, particularly for someone hosting a call-in advice show, was not listening to the caller. As is her habit, Schlissenger barely allowed the person calling in to describe her problem before launching into her bizzare diatribe. It's an odd advice show indeed that doesn't allow those seeking advice any space to actually describe their problems (of course, if you're a black person turning to Dr. Laura for sage advice on race issues, maybe your biggest problem isn't getting shouted down by a talk radio lunatic).

Schlessinger also references a few Greatest Hits from the racism denial handbook: She describes playing basketball with her black bodyguard (because white guys can't jump, of course), and says using the n-word must be okay because black comedians and kids on the street do it. So can we expect to see conservative icon Dr. Laura in baggy pants and a doo rag soon?

Of course, the audio of the segment makes it clear that Schlessinger already had her mind made up, anyway. It was ironic to hear the radio host accuse her caller of having a chip on her shoulder; the biggest grudge here seemed to come from Schlessinger, who was convinced her caller was being hyper-sensitive before she'd even heard a full explanation of the woman's problems.

In the end, Schlessinger's vile use of the n-word - which she apologized for in a blog post later -- proved her caller's point more elquently than anything. Yes, there are a lot of people who have scrwed up attitude about race and don't know or admit it. And those attitudes only get worse when coupled with a disregard for others' perspectives -- which provides a perfect breeding ground for prejudice.

Check out Dr. Laura's amazingly awful segment below:

[Last modified: Friday, August 13, 2010 12:02pm]


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