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Why Eddie Izzard Is God; How Did I Do on CNN?



Eddie Izzard says his sexuality "is exactly" like Steve Stanton's.

Eddie_izzard_002_feathers I'm not sure how a British transvestite stand up comedian-turned-serious actor would know that his sexual habits were similar to a straight-arrow Largo city administrator who recently admitted planning to have a sex change operation. Which is why I didn't put that tidbit in my Floridian story today about Eddie and his new FX show, The Riches.

But when I told him about a city manager who appears to be getting fired for being honest about his gender bending proclivities, Izzard was immediately interested and sympathetic.

"“He’s a wannabe lesbian like me," the comic said of Stanton. "His sexuality is exactly mine...It’s just like any number of women who like to dress up and do some heels ad some makeup…some women really love and I love it too. I don’t know why we get these cards handed out, but there’s a lot of people out there (like us). They won’t tell. They’re worried they’re going to get fired and (they) shouldn’t be.”Eddie_izzarddress Eddie_izzard

For anyone who knows Eddie's wonderful patios, our little multimedia audio samples from my interview with him last week should make a fun listen. During this clip, Eddie dishes on how he told his dad about being an "action transvestite,"  his long slog toward life as a serious actor and how he got the world to chill out about his sexuality by chilling out about it himself.

Indeed, for those of us who fell in love with Eddie when he was stalking the stage in a giant, sparkling dress and makeup during his hilarious standup special Dress to Kill, his new life as a Serious Actor is an unexpected pleasure. Here's Eddie in his natural habitat, so to speak:

But talk with him for a while and you discover this is where he's been angling all along. Opposite Minnie Driver in this buzzed-about series on a family of grifters who assume the identities of a yuppie couple they helped kill in a car accident, Eddie smoulders as a smooth-talking con man torn between wanting a slice of the American dream and feeling the urge to steal it all.

I'm pulling for this plucky drama for lots of reasons: Izzard is cool, and it would be nice to see him triumph on American TV; Driver is amazing as a woman addicted to cough syrup and worse who also happens to have more will and drive than anyone in the family; anybody who would pass up a role in guaranteed hit 24 to create their own quirky series deserves a shot; and FX needs support for its effort to create a standard cable-level HBO -- a home for edgy, innovative explicit TV drama that doesn't cost an extra $18 monthly to come into your home.

After you see the premiere tonight, blog buddies, I would love to hear your thoughts on this particular enterprise...

Deggans Does CNN - Fun But Way Too Fast

Live20from_logo I always walk away from these cable TV interviews feeling like I had 20 other things to say, and my appearance yesterday on CNN's Reliable Sources was no different.

Tapped to kick around the instability at Katie Couric's CBS Evening News, I had wanted to talk about how she and her producers didn't seem to really listen to what people told them during her much-vaunted "listening tour" before taking over the network's evening newscast in September (viewers said they wanted a longer newscast and they wanted to hear informed opinions from people outside the usual punditocracy).Courickatie 

I wanted to note that they hired as the show's new executive producer a guy who got fired from two previous jobs for an inability to raise ratings, going from running CNN and MSNBC to running CBS' evening news show. And the New York Times had a story on another point I wanted to make -- that some of her ratings woes come from crappy lead-in ratings from syndicated and local shows on all the CBS affiliates.

But there wasn't enough time. If you didn't see it, check the transcript and feel free to let me know what we missed, during our lightning round commentaries...

(as always, click on the photos to enlarge)

[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 2:38pm]


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