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Why this fanboy's not in love with the new Green Lantern trailer



ryan-reynolds-green-lantern.jpgYou won't find a more receptive audience for a good comic book movie than your humble author.

But I'm going to risk having my comic book fanboy card yanked by making this unfortunate observation:

I am not really digging the trailer for the latest comic blockbuster, Ryan Reynolds' Green Lantern.

Perhaps because all the CGI stuff doesn't translate well to a YouTube clip. Or Reynolds always seems so bent on playing the offhand smartass that it's tough to see him as a righteous hero.

The Lantern has always been an also-ran hero for me -- I didn't get into him for many years because they didn't find a way to tell substantive stories with the character while scoring with complex reinventions of Batman and Superman.

(Also, after spending a little time on set talking with The Closer co-star Corey Reynolds years ago about his burning desire to play the character -- he kept a Green Lantern postcard on Sgt. David Gabriel's desk for a while as he was developing a script -- it greenlantern-reynolds.jpgwas odd to hear a different Reynolds had snagged the gig instead). 

Anyway, enough fanboy overthink. The guys over at HitFix have a different take, anticipating a fun but creatively satisfying space opera; imagine Star Wars without the awkward romance, clunky political dialog and Jar Jar Binks.

Check out the trailer below for yourself and feel free to discuss:

Does Reynolds, recently crowned  People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive, really have what it takes to play the most successful galactic cop in the universe?

[Last modified: Wednesday, November 17, 2010 3:55pm]


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