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Why Isn't Kiefer Getting Paris-Level Coverage? And Media Band Battle Audio



I'm embarrassed to admit that a colleague noticed this before I did.Kiefersullen

But here we are, 12 days into Kiefer Sutherland's 48-day sentence for drunk driving, and I've got a simple question: Where is the media?

When Paris Hilton hit the slammer, the media responded with helicopters, continuous cable news coverage, swarms of paparazzi and endless streams of speculation on What It All Means. But do a search on the terms "Kiefer Sutherland" and "jail" on Google News, and the most recent articles you'll see beyond superficial name checking were gossipy items from last Wednesday and Thursday noting that the 24 star is on laundry duty and gets about 100 pieces of fan mail each day.

Nevermind that he's the Emmy-winning star of one of the highest-rated dramas on television. Or that the network which airs 24, though desperate for original material due to the Hollywood writer's strike, hasn't yet scheduled the series for broadcast. Or that he's serving a sentence twice as long at the 23 days Hilton eventually spent in the clink.

Parismug Apparently, the struggle of one real Hollywood star to overcome his drinking can't compare with the tribulations of a party-hearty heiress whose biggest acheivements to date have been a self-mocking reality show, a  sex tape released by a former boyfriend and a guest spot on The O.C.

It's a collective media yawn matched only by the non-coverage given Jodie Foster, who finally publicly mentioned last week the 54-year-old woman she has been living with for 14 years, obliquely confirming that, yep, she's gay. (which makes me wonder, how does Entertainment Weekly do a whole cover story on her months ago and not get close to this fact?)

As '80s TV icon Michael J. Fox recently noted in Esquire "I have such empathy for all these young women. I was there, and I did all that crap. We'd rip it up, y'know? And we never got busted on any of that stuff."

Happy as I am to avoid the kind of coverage we saw when Paris went to jail, I'm sad to see the media upholding such a significant double standard; Why should Kiefer get a pass when Paris didn't?

Media Band Battle Audio: Plug Your Ears and Drink Something Strong


If I had any sense I'd leave this alone. But a podcasting company has put streaming audio of the recent set by the Times group for the Battle of the Media Bands competition, and I promised them I'd link it here.

My only excuse for the vocals is that the monitors weren't the best, and I had exhausted my voice by chatting with a ton of people before the show started -- hazards of being the last band to play on a four-band bill. I have no excuses, however, for the lack of bass guitar in the mix. thanks to Chuck Palm and the Internet Podcasting Network for recording the audio and putting it online.

Hey, it was for charity and we had one rehearsal. Still sounds better than Paris Hilton. I think.   

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