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Why was Diane Sawyer slurring during ABC's inauguration coverage?



Dianesawyerstilldrunk_2 Gawker once again comes up with a doozy of an allegation, stringing together a bunch of clips from Good Morning America star Diane Sawyer to ask whether she was under the influence of something during the network's coverage of Barack Obama's inauguration.

Amid growing controversy over the item, Gawker appended a "correction" to note the network says Sawyer never attended one of the 10 inaugural balls and stayed up for 24 hours straight covering the event. Not to fall for a network news line, but as a child of Indiana, I can tell you that standing in the cold for long periods can make it tough to move your mouth, resulting in slurred speech -- without intoxicants.

That said, the clips pulled together by Gawker look pretty bad. And they've also found clips of Anderson Cooper slurring and screwing up repeatedly as well. Whether it's alcohol or fatigue, let's hope these guys take the lesson: Nobody wants to see a talking head stumbling like Foster Brooks at a Dean Martin roast -- get some sleep and let Wolf Blitzer take over.


[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 2:54pm]


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