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Will Erin Andrews' new GQ spread revive debate over sex appeal and female sports journalists?



Erinandrews-gq3 (UPDATE: ESPN confirms the photo spread was taken in April before news of the video broke. So it seems we have GQ to blame for the timing of the photos' publication)

Let's say you were a famous female sports reporter caught in an illegally made peephole video showing you in the nude in your hotel room.

How much time should pass before you're featured in a magazine pictorial showing football players ogling you on a pedestal?

For ESPN sideline reporter Erin Andrews, the answer is, not long at all.

Just weeks after the news of the video raised questions of how female reporters are sexualized by the sports media industry, Andrews is featured in a pictorial for GQ magazine showing mud-caked football players admiring her form.

The pictorial, already making the media rounds, is likely to revive the debate of how attractive female sports journalists are treated in media.

GQ's story offers a few local shout-outs — references to her time on the University of Florida's dance squad, for instance. And there's a list of some things you might not know about the 30-something Andrews, daughter of WFLA-Ch. 8 investigative reporter Steve Andrews.

According to GQ: She wants to move to New York City from Atlanta, she'd like to cover the NFL and she isn't adverse to getting married.

And the cycle of media, sexuality and self-promotion continues again. Sigh.

[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 3:00pm]


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