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Your Media Top 10 for 2008 turned out pretty cool, too



CriticBesides offering critics as easy way to fill columns at the year's end, the Top 10 list fulfills a vital function in pop culture -- giving us know-it-alls another whack at everything we liked and didn't from the year before. Here's my list from Sunday's St. Petersburg Times.

So I was glad to see so many of you take advantage of my invite last week and provide your own thoughts on what worked and didn't in media this year. I'll be opining on what I hated in a future post, but today's entry is all about you -- or, rather my take on your takes.

In case you don't troll the comments section much, here's what The Feed readers dug and didn't in 2008, with a little extra critical spice from yours truly.

Fringe YOU LIKED . . . Fringe -- Fox's new-school X-Files got a couple of thumbs up for capturing the cheeky fun of early Mulder and Scully before the conspiracy stuff got too thick. You guys were so convincing, I went back to check out a few TiVo-ed episodes. And even though I stick by my earlier conclusion -- the mysteries just aren't compelling enough to justify all the weirdness or convoluted plot points -- I see why you felt otherwise.

YOU HATED . . . Heroes -- More than a few of you felt betrayed by yet another aimless season from NBC's superhero drama. Unfortunately, the show's producers seem to have truly forgotten what made fanboys (and girls!) love the show, reducing good guy Peter Petrelli into a bystander and audience surrogate Hiro into an ineffectual buffoon.

Myownworstenemynbcprom YOU LIKED . . . My Own Worst Enemy -- Was really surprised to see several of you shout out to Christian Slater's lumbering ripoff of the Bourne Identity for NBC. But I admit I kept watching this ambitious story about a spy with a malfunctioning split personality, hoping for something better than warmed-over Mission: Impossible plot lines. Unfortunately, that didn't happen.

YOU HATED . . . Media coverage of the election -- Too partisan, too in the tank for Obama, etc. I hear you, though I'm not sure I agree, totally. As I have written before, I think most media was biased in favor of conflict, stories to increase their own status and stories featuring whoever would sell the most Obamamediacrushlarge newspapers, or magazines or ratings points.

YOU LIKED . . . The Big Bang Theory, and -- CBS's comedy about genius-level social misfits got a few thumbs up -- I'll admit, I haven't checked out this show after wading through what felt like a tedious pilot. But you've convinced me to give another look soon. And there were kudos for sites that tried to make conclusions about politicians' promises and attacks -- important tools when wading through all the mixed messages of a modern presidential campaign.

YOU HATED . . . Politifact and FactCheck -- Of course, some of you saw the conclusions drawn by these fact-checking sites as evidence of bias. Me, I preferred seeing some objective proof that certain politicos were lying a lot more often and more egregiously than others.

Dernharris2_3 Katherineharrishorse

YOU LIKED . . . True Blood, Saturday Night Live's election skits, and Laura Dern in Recount -- HBO's vampire drama wasn't quite good enought to make my list, and Fred Armisen's interminable Barney Frank imitation is an example of what happened on SNL once Tina Fey's Sarah Palin was gone. But it's hard to argue with Dern's spot-on characterization of the overmatched, underprepared Harris.

YOU HATED . . . The Knight Rider remake, FX's Testees, too-quick cancellation of TV shows, and most reality shows. Once again, the wisdom of the crowd reasserts itself.


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