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Dr. Who: Seven Creepy moments of “Sleep no More”



Wade Smith, a Dr. Who fanatic, gives us a teen view of Dr. Who each week. He is the ston of staff writers Adam C. Smith and Katherine Snow Smith.

  1. Just the whole idea of the found footage vibe is very creepy.

  2. Ahhhh. Why do all scary things have to take place in the dark?

  3. Even though he’s a good guy, the Grunt creeps me out. Not just his face, also his lack of intelligence makes him even more intimidating.

  4. The first glimpse of the Sandman. The dreadful screech as his arm bursts through the door, only to be crushed.

  5. The last pod (morpheus). Before we knew who was in it, and what it was it was pretty suspenseful.

  6. When the lost rescuer was struggling to sing “Sandman” as the Sandmen were gradually getting closer and closer. And when the shot panned out and all we heard was his scream-- terrifying.

  7. The shaky camera, and the first person POVs very creepy. Like the "Blair Witch Project," it definitely added to the suspense. 

[Last modified: Wednesday, November 18, 2015 2:15pm]


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