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Fake or Florida? Seth Meyers uses Sunshine State nuttiness for game-show hijinks




On Wednesday's Late Night With Seth Meyers, the former fake SNL newsman set up an old-school game-show set to tweak our glorious state via "Fake or Florida," in which two dull contestants from Up North, plus a cool lady from right here in Vacation Wonderland, had to guess whether an outlandish news item was bogus or actually went down in the F-L-A. Pageant moms, manatees, geriatric bingo players, zealots and "raccoons pushing a satellite dish off a carport" all get tweaked. The pacing's not quite right, Meyers' deadpan pauses don't play with the same fun as Letterman and, at this point, actually defending the Sunshine State would be more daring. But there are a few chuckles in there regardless. That said, I think the folks at Politifact or Punditfact should get on these news items right away. We can't be THAT messed up, can we?

[Last modified: Thursday, February 27, 2014 1:40pm]


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