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'Fargo,' Season 2, Episode 8: Foot's on the other shoe now

It's the Ed (Jesse Plemons) and Peggy Blumquist (Kirsten Dunst) show on the latest episode of "Fargo."


It's the Ed (Jesse Plemons) and Peggy Blumquist (Kirsten Dunst) show on the latest episode of "Fargo."



Finally we're back with the Blumquists in this hilarious and suspenseful episode of Fargo. The rest of the characters take the back seat, and it was a little refreshing to stay on one storyline. "Loplop" (a reference to Surrealist artist Max Ernst) begins with Peggy (Kirsten Dunst) in the basement. She's talking to John Hanley Sr., a founder of Lifespring, who says things like, "He who seeks meaning finds nothing but contradiction and nonsense" and "To be is simply to exist. Try it. Try simply, being," he tells her. "Don't think about the person I want to be, just be that person," she replies. And so begins Peggy's new "actualized" life.

Ed (Jesse Plemons) returns home after running away from custody. He knocks out Dodd Gerhardt (Jeffrey Donovan) and is smart enough to take Dodd with them.

Lou Solverson (Patrick Wilson) and Hank Larrson (Ted Danson) walk into the Blumquist home after Ed and Peggy booked it outta there. As Lou traipses around Peggy's basement of horrors, Hank, who was hit in the head two episodes ago, clearly needs to see a doctor. Not long after they're gone, Hanzee waltzes into the home to sniff around. Paying attention to detail, he notices a piece of paper on the fridge about an upcoming stay at a hotel.

The Blumquists are on the run, and Peggy is super psyched. She bounces around the car as they talk about where they can go. She's living her Lifespring dream: "See it and be it." They wind up at Uncle Grady's cabin with Dodd in the trunk. The couple surprises each other as their smart thinking keeps them one step ahead of Dodd. Albeit a small step. Instead of using the traceable phone in the cabin, Ed uses a payphone to give the Gerhardts a message. He's got Dodd and wants to make a trade.

Meanwhile, Peggy's makin' beans with a side of Dodd meat. It's a funny scene and "Positive Peggy" is really embracing the woman she wants to be. Which is a dominatrix murderer. Peggy tries to pump up Ed as he begins to doubt the hostage situation. "Hun, you gotta stop stabbin' him." Insert at least five crying-laughing emojis here.

The smartest man on the show, Hanzee (Zahn McClarnon), continues to follow Peggy and Ed's trail. Three idiots outside a bar start making crude remarks, and yep, Hanzee shots them, the idiot bartender inside, and the two cops that show up minutes later. The show has strongly portrayed the viewpoints of the white world. As Hanzee deals with common racism, we're reminded of his world. The Gerhardt family proudly pats themselves on the back for welcoming Hanzee into their home, but only continue to use him for their gain. Both he and Mike face a white world and we've seen them fight back these last two episodes, adding fuel to the revolution.

Back at Three's Company cabin, Dodd has to take a whiz. Lots of great hijinks here!

Hanzee shows up at the Sioux Falls hotel where Peggy is supposed to meet Constance, who was really looking forward to sharing that Chablis on ice. Peggy calls Constance to explain why she's not there. With Hanzee holding the phone to her ear, Constance does her best to get Peggy's whereabouts. Poor Constance.

Peggy and Ed can't sleep because Dodd keeps starin' at them, but also because that's the world's worst hideabed. I would know, my grandma still has that exact model. In the morning, Peggy immerses herself in the end of the fictional Ronald Reagon movie Operation: Eagle's Nest, which little Molly Solverson was watching earlier this season, while Dodd escapes, unbeknownst to her. Ruh roh.

Ed makes yet another call to make a trade with the Gerhardts. But as we know from last episode, Bear couldn't care less about Dodd, so he makes the call to Mike Milligan (Bokeem Woodbine) at the Pearl Hotel. "If I kiss you when we meet, would that be inappropriate?" asks Mike. Can't wait for these two to get together.

But Hanzee isn't far behind. He questions a shop owner about a heavyset red-headed man who parts his hair down the middle. I'm nervous for anyone Hanzee talks to. Hanzee walks out, leaving the shop owner still alive, surprisingly, who promptly calls the police after recognizing Hanzee on the front page of the newspaper.

Ed returns home to a trap Dodd has set. Just as I'm about to say goodbye to my dear, sweet Ed (ha), Peggy uses her rational thinking to knife Dodd in the foot, giving us a great barf-inducing scene, and saves Ed. As the two tie Dodd up again, Hanzee walks in.




Um, what?

As Peggy starts combing Hanzee's hair, he says, staring with dead eyes, "I'm tired of this life." He means it. As the camera slows down, Ed notices Hank and Lou walking up to the cabin. And of course Hanzee just walks out the back door.

I loved this near-bottleneck episode, but we only have two more episodes left, you guys! Just like the sugar swirling in Mike's coffee last episode, the stories and characters (who are left) are all circling around each other, and we're so ready for this epic massacre.

One note: Did you notice the hangman in the phonebooth? The answer to the puzzle: Sioux Falls. Ominous.

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