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'Fear the Walking Dead,' season 2 episode 3: This is the worst it'll ever be

Chris and Alicia found death and destruction on an island littered with suitcases and wreckage from a plane crash.


Chris and Alicia found death and destruction on an island littered with suitcases and wreckage from a plane crash.



Ouroboros: noun; a circular symbol of a snake or dragon devouring its tail, standing for infinity or wholeness.

The circle of life. A never-ending cycle. Biting off your own tail.

All meanings for the ouroboros symbol, and all relevant to Sunday's episode of Fear the Walking Dead.

Strand saves Nick. Nick saves Strand. Strand saves Nick and his family.

Travis saves the Salazars. The Salazars save Travis and his family.

Strand gives his crew no reason to trust him, so they defy him every chance they get.

Everything is starting to come full circle for the crew of the Abigail.

Case in point: where the Abigail is actually headed. If you remember from last week, Daniel found a hidden compartment full of maps with notes attached. The maps were of Mexico and Baja California.

Probably to finally get Madison off his case, Strand reveals they are headed to Mexico now. He just happens to know of a safe, fortified house full of supplies and food to "wait things out." Like that'll happen.

‘Ouroboros' was an hour of fight-for-you-life, what-the-heck-are-we-going-to-do-now tension with a grim reveal of what happened to Flight 462, the miniseries aired during this last season of The Walking Dead.

Problem 1: The yacht's water intake system is clogged, and what's causing the clog ain't pretty.

It's a person, specifically a red-head with a striped polo shirt with his entire arm stuck up into the boat's intake.

Luckily Travis  who somehow knows how to properly scuba dive  volunteers to go under the boat in the middle of the night to fix it.

After a nasty surprise from the undead fella and having to literally stick his hand down a pipe inside the boat overflowing with the blended remains of a human arm, Travis clears the intake just in time for...

Problem 2: Daniel is the worst babysitter ever.

While anchored, Alicia spots a bunch of suitcases washed up on shore of an island near them.

Naturally, the youngest ones volunteer to go ashore to search for supplies. Still not sure why Daniel offered to accompany them since he was so keen to keep an eye on Strand last week.

The discarded suitcases and scattered clothes seemed to have washed up on shore from a recent plane crash. The four even find bits of the charred plane sunk in the sand.

Among the discarded Hawaiian shirts and floppy hats in soaked suitcases Nick finds a rosary and some much-needed antibiotics for Ofelia, who's suffering from an infected gunshot wound. They're both damaged, yet strong in their own ways and their friendship seems to be blossoming into something a little more.

Daniel turns his back for once second and Chris wanders off in search of whatever with his mini man bun.

He finds a large chunk of the crashed flight, full of dangling wires, oxygen masks and charred fixtures. The section is also home to two undead and one man barely alive.

Though Chris is safe from the walkers (they really need to figure out a name for the zombies in Fear) who are secured to spots with seat belts and oxygen masks, the man still clinging to life has his spine protruding from his back.

The man keeps crying out in obvious pain, asking Chris to "please help me." Panicking, Chris does the only thing he thinks he can do for the man: bash his head in to put him out of his misery.

When Daniel goes to search for a missing Chris, he sees a young girl running at him shouting "run they're coming!" just before seeing a huge herd of walkers heading their way.

In just a few tense minutes, Daniel, Chris, Alicia and the new girl (her name is Alex by the way) are surrounded by the undead.

Just in the nick of time (see what I did there?) Nick swoops in covered in blood to save the day. Minutes earlier, he had fallen into a trench and successfully killed a walker stuck in a hole being eaten by crabs and another that fell on top of them.

The blood covering most of Nick's face is zombie blood, which makes him almost immune to the walkers noticing him. He finds out this secret when he comes literally face to face with a stumbling walker and doesn't get eaten.

They make it back to the Abigail mostly unharmed, and with two new guests  Alex and her badly burned friend, whom she safely hid in one of plane's life boats.

Alicia, Madison and Travis are screaming at each other and Strand about saving these two newcomers, one of whom is in desperate need of medical attention.

Heartless, yet practical Strand doesn't want to hear any of it. There is no room where they are going and new people are a liability. He walks away from the group after agreeing to drag the two new people behind the yacht.

Madison and Travis give Alex and her friend food and water and watch over them as they sail away. Alex has barely said anything to anyone, but it's clear from her face she's full of anger and fear.

At the very last second Strand storms back downstair and quickly cuts the rope tying Alex and her friend to the Abigail.

Who's the new girl?

If you remember the commercial breaks from last season of The Walking Dead  or just watched the series online  you'll remember Alex and Jake from Flight 462.

Flight 462 is a mini web series following the passengers on a doomed flight headed for Arizona, only to get rerouted back to Los Angeles after numerous power outages.

Someone on the plane was sick, he died, came back as a zombie, ate and bit a few people, chaos ensued and the plane crashed.

As far as we know, Alex and Jake are the only ones who survived and are seen at the beginning of this episode struggling to make it to land and away from the wreckage of the plane.

Alex is one to look out for. Even in the beginning of the miniseries, she knew what was up. She knew the sick man would come back, she knew the bitten flight attendant was doomed and she dealt with all this chaos calmly and efficiently.

We haven't seen the last of her yet.

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