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'Fear the Walking Dead,' season 2 episode 7: First sin

Nick found a new high and hit a new low on the mid-season finale of Fear the Walking Dead.


Nick found a new high and hit a new low on the mid-season finale of Fear the Walking Dead.

Nick has been brainwashed. Chris is broken beyond repair. Alicia is terrified of her own family. Daniel is seeing ghosts.

The mid-season finale of Fear the Walking Dead left the Clark-Manawa family broken, fearful and without a home yet again.

Reeling from the loss of her son and Strand's betrayal, Celia gives the group until sundown the next day to pack their bags. They're officially no longer welcome in the safehouse.

They inadvertently caused the deaths of Celia's two sons and have insulted her at every turn. She is crazy though.

Celia genuinely believes the walkers are just the next phase for humanity. She doesn't seem them as dead, but as the next phase of the human race.

She also has her claws firmly in Nick. She dug into him quickly, brainwashing him with her maternal charm and tasty pozole.

And she's not letting go.

Nick used to be the clear-headed one. He became the rock that held the family together and showed them they can survive this new world.

But he grew sick of the death and destruction.

He wanted peace, and Celia convinced him he could find peace through accepting the zombies are not monsters.

His newest hobby is covering himself in walker blood and strolling the Mexican countryside just to prove he can without being eaten.

He's an addict and this is his new high.

Chris is the other kind of crazy.

He might not have evolved into the kidnapping, abusive monster he is now without being shunned by Madison and Alicia first.

Their fear of him fueled his break down.

Through the funeral for Thomas and the preparations to leave the safehouse, Chris vanishes. Travis searches for him so long that his feet start bleeding.

He wasn't wearing shoes to begin with, and we aren't sure why.

Travis finds Chris. He just wants to be left alone. Madison and Alicia treating him like a troubled stepchild really went to his head.

He believes he's a monster now.

But Travis refuses to let Chris go. When Nick finds them, Travs makes one of the hardest decisions of his life. He has to choose between forcing his sick son back to the people who scorned him or joining his son to ensure his safety. He chooses his son.

Travis tells Nick Chris isn't ready to go back yet. He tells Nick to lie to Madison and say he never saw them.

Back at the safehouse, Daniel is losing it. He's so overwhelmed by fear and anxiety that he starts to see his dead wife.

She talks to him when he's tied up by Celia's men and guides him to burn down the cellar full of walkers.

He didn't just burn down the cellar. The fire spreads to consumer the entire estate. The episode ends before we can see if Daniel made it out of the blaze.

Chances are he doesn't.

Though no one of import died during Fear's midseason finale, Celia's death was satisfying enough.

In a last ditch attempt to establish peace with Celia, Madison tells her she wants to understand her beliefs about the walkers.

Trusting her, Celia takes Madison to the cellar where she keeps her undead family members.

Keeping the best poker face, Madison lets Celia ramble on about taking care of the undead rather than killing them. Celia says they are everyone's responsibility now.

Slowly backing out of the cellar gate, Madison is basically "uh huh, yeah keep talking, Celia." You're right, she tells Celia, there's nothing I wouldn't do to protect my family.

She slides the door shut and clicks the lock into place. We don't see Celia get eaten, but we all know it happened.

The middle of the season ended with Alicia, Madison, Strand and Ofelia fleeing the blazing estate and the small herd of walkers who broke through.

Still covered in blood and in a brainwashed daze, Nick ignores the Madison and Alicia's screams to get in the truck.

Instead he just tells them, "Celia was right. We destroy everything."

Fear the Walking Dead's second season returns in August.

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